The navigable waterways, canals and rivers of Belarus
Belarus used to be an important passage route for Inland Navigation between Baltic Sea and Black Sea.

Augustowski Canal | Belarus Dnepr | Dnjepr  |  Belarus Dnepr-Bug-Canal / Muchavez / Canalised River Pina | Belrarus Düna / Western Dwina Neman | Shchara | Oginski - Canal / Belarus River Berezina & Berezina Canal River Prypjat / Prypjaz | Belarus
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Earlier on, Belarus was one of the most important crossing countries for Inland Waterways Navigation. In the northeast led the connection from the Baltic Sea over Daugava in Latvia, Beresina Canal and Beresina to the upper Dnepr, which then opened in the Ukraine into the Black Sea. Coming from Lithuania, it was the connection Neman, Shchara, Oginski Canal and Prypjat, flowing into the Dnepr as well. Today exists the connection Muchavez – Dnepr – Bug Canal – canalized Pina, Prypjat and Dnepr. Unfortunately acces to the Polish River Bug is interrupted since 2nd World War and therefore, the big gauche has become a dead end.

waterway in Belarus: Augustowski Canal | Belarus, Dnepr | Dnjepr | Belarus, Dnepr-Bug-Canal / Muchavez / Canalised River Pina | Belrarus, Düna / Western Dwina, Neman | Shchara | Oginski - Canal / Belarus, River Berezina & Berezina Canal, River Prypjat / Prypjaz | Belarus