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This was the old connection from the Baltic Sea over Lithuania, the Dnepr Bug Canal and therewith to the Black Sea.

Neman | Shchara | Oginski - Canal / Belarus: Characteristics & Overview

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Profile of waterway: Not navigable anymore
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Waterway has access to:

Augustowski Canal | Belarus
Augustowski Canal | Poland
Dnepr | Dnjepr | Belarus
Dnepr-Bug-Canal / Muchavez / Canalised River Pina | Belrarus
Baltic Sea

Anleger am Shchara
Schleuse am Oginski-Kanal

This old waterway connected once with River Prypjat (and therewith River Dnepr) over the Oginski Canal, River Shchara and Memel with the Baltic Sea.
Oginski Canal (built as from 1776) as well as River Memel and its side River Shchara where depending on their water level limitedly navigable. For this reason, this waterway never was of much importance. Even though, it actually made a connection between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea possible.

Oginski Canal was of quite some importance for the town of Slonim, since it made a link between the upstream of river Shchara and River Prypjat at Pinsk.