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River Oise and its side canal, a fast, uncomfortable trip from Paris to Nord Pas-de-Calais

River Oise et Canal latéral à l`Oise | Waterways in France: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 134 km
Number of locks: 11
Lock dimensions: 39.00 x 6.00
Max. depth: 2.50
Max. headroom: 5.25
Degree of difficulty: Very demanding
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: no rating
Profile of waterway: Main waterway
Facilities groundside: Not sufficiant

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Waterway has access to:

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The River has its spring in the south of Belgium, some kilometres off the border to France. After Guise, it soon flows into the Canal Sambre à l’Oise. This becomes then the Canal latéral à l’Oise, At Compiègne, l’Oise becomes navigable until Conflans St. Honorine, where it finally flows into the Seine.
The River is part of the future “Liaison Seine Nord” from Paris to the Channel for big vessels. It has a very high traffic volume, up to 100 vessels a day! It is therefore of no interest for tourism, but it can’t be avoided on the way from Belgium to Paris. 

Canal latéral à l’Oise
Coming from Comiegne on the Oise, one changes into the side canal at Janville. It connects the Oise with the Sambre and there the south of Belgium. Unlike the Oise, the canal is not so dominated by commercial traffic and it is therefore more comfortable. (After the branching off of Canal du Nord at Pont l’Evêque, only!)
House boat holiday in Picardie
It doesn’t have any boat hirers in this region; boating tourism is therefore reduced to skippers in transit.

Picardie, a very flat area, has seen many battles in the last centuries and is still mainly agrarian ground. Even though a beautiful landscape, it is not really suitable for a house boat holiday.