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The favored house boating area between Neustrelitz and the Havel,  in front of the gates of  Berlin.

Obere (Upper) Havel-Waterway | Germany: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 97 km
Number of locks: 11
Lock dimensions: 38.00 x 5.00
Max. depth: 1.40
Max. headroom: 3.20
Degree of difficulty: For beginners (few locks)
Requirements: No license asked for hired boats
Character of waterway: back to nature, with urban surroundings
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Good

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Waterway has access to:

Havel-Oder-Waterway | Germany
Müritz-Havel-Waterway | Germany

The Obere Havel-Wasserstrasse crosses, together with Müritz, Müritz-Halvel-Wasserstrasse and Müritz-Elde-Wasserstrasse the lake district of Mecklenburg, the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte. It is a paradise for all leisure boaters in the north-east of Germany, between Berlin and Schwerin. The region with their uncountable possibilities for a side trip to idyllic lakes on both sides of the waterways is an El Dorado for friends of nature.

The Obere Havel-Wasserstrasse (Uper Havel-Waterway) / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Brandenburg

The Upper Havel waterway turns off the Oder-Kavel-Kanal at km 40.6 and ends after 94.4 km at Neustreliz. It’s put together of:  Malzer-Kanal, Vosskanal, Havel and Kammerkanal. It also has access to the following waters:   Wentow-Gewässer; Templiner Gewässer; Lychener Gewässer (see more to those further down).

Bigger Places with good infrastructur are:
Neustrelitz / Wesenberg / Priepert / Fürstenberg / Lychen / Bredereiche / Templin / Zehdenick / Liebewalde

Templiner Waters
At km 32 is the turn off to the waters of Templin. After the Grosse Kuhwallsee, one passes the lock of Kannenburg, followed by Lankensee, Rüddelinsee and Templin. Through the lock of Templin one gets into the Templiner Stadtsee and afterwards into Gleuensee and Fährsee. Unfortunately Labüske-Kanal is not navigable anymore, one has to turn back therefore at the end of the Fährsee at Engelsburg.

Wentow Waters
After Burgwall one passes through the lock of Mariental and gets into the waters of Wentow, the big and the small Wentowsee. One finds here over 11 km a quite, natural area. Wharfs are at camping place Tornow at Seilerhof and at the Hotel of the Wentowsee.

Lychener Waters
Through the lock Himmelpfort at Stolpsee, one gets through the Woblitz into the Grosse Lychensee and afterwards into Lychener Stadtsee to the charming small town of