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Next to the capital the most important holiday destination of the country

Lake of Balaton | Hungary: Characteristics & Overview

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Degree of difficulty: Some experience is an advantage
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Character of waterway: back to nature
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Lake Balaton (Plattensee)
As far as the surface area is concerned, this is the biggest lake of
Europe, bigger then Lake of Constance or Lake of Geneva. But it does by far not have the water volume of the two smaller ones. The maximum depth of 12.50 m allows a water temperature in summer of up to 28° Celsius. This is one of the reasons for its popularity for bathing holidays. The flat beaches and the surrounding wine yards add to this as well. Until a hundred years ago, this lovely prairie lake used to be a very popular holiday address to prominent people of Vienna and Budapest. Today mass tourism has drawn in. 

Lake of Balaton is popular to sailors and those, interested in vine and culture. But, at the first, second and third place lie bathing holidays; this gives now and then the impression of being at Rimini.