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The southern link from Dublin westwards to the Shannon and southwards to the Barrow-River

Grand Canal & Barrow Line | Ireland: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 132 km
Number of locks: 44
Lock dimensions: 18.50 x 3.90
Max. depth: 1.20
Max. headroom: 2.40
Degree of difficulty: Some experience is an advantage
Requirements: Charter license essential
Character of waterway: with urban surroundings, for sporty people
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Sufficiant

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Waterway has access to:

Grand Canal & Barrow Line | Ireland
Royal Canal | Ireland
North Sea

Tourism & Narrowboat-hirers
Lowtown - Robertstown:
Lowton Marine Service / Ballycommon - Lock 24: Celtic Canal Cruisers / Rathancan (Barrow-Line): Canalways Ireland

Grand Canal Boat Hirer

Canalways Ireland Barge Holidays
Spencer Bridge, Rathangan

Barrowline Cruisers,
Vicarstown, County Laoi

Works on Grand Canal started in 1756, linking Dublin with the Main Line, the way to the Shannon and thus the west. There is a 4-km long tributary at Naas with 5 locks and then another, the 45-km long Barrow Line to Athy with 9 locks. Construction on this canal began in 1756, linking Dublin with the Main Line, the way to the Shannon and thus the west.
Barrow Line links Dublin with Barrow Navigation and the south coast of Ireland. Milton Feeder has a length of 13 km and is navigable with small boats only, But it’s worthwhile, if you have the possibility. At Pollardstown Fen one gets the chance to see landscapes and vegetation common in Ireland 5000 years ago. Edenderry can also be reached over a short side arm.

Guide to the Grand canal of Ireland / DUCHAS

This Guide contains detailed maps, practical data, historical notes and other useful information for all canal users.

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