Navigable waterways, canals and rivers of Ireland

Barrow River | Ireland Grand Canal & Barrow Line | Ireland Lagan Canal & Lagan River / Ireland Lough Erne Navigation | Ireland Lower Bann | Lough Neagh  |  Ireland Royal Canal  |  Ireland Shannon - Erne Waterway  |  Ireland Shannon Navigation - Lough Key & Lough Allen  | Ireland Ulster Canal & Blackwater River | Ireland
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Ireland (Eire), the green island, whisky distilleries, nature and the Shannon; correct but of course this is not the whole story; there is much more than the Shannon. The Barrow River with its Barrow Line connects to the Grand Canal and the Royal Canal. Both of them run from Dublin on the east coast westerly to the Shannon. The most beautiful Royal Canal is now open again between Dublin and the Shannon. A lot of rivers and canals can still be discovered in this classical country for house boat tourism. Ideas, dreams and careful planning are possible with the books, maps and guides offered in are very large bookshop for all the canals and rivers of Europe.

waterway in Ireland: Barrow River | Ireland, Grand Canal & Barrow Line | Ireland, Lagan Canal & Lagan River / Ireland, Lough Erne Navigation | Ireland, Lower Bann | Lough Neagh | Ireland, Royal Canal | Ireland, Shannon - Erne Waterway | Ireland, Shannon Navigation - Lough Key & Lough Allen | Ireland, Ulster Canal & Blackwater River | Ireland