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Delta del Po / Chioggia – Porto Garibaldi: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: Some experience is an advantage
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: back to nature
Profile of waterway: Commercial traffic and tourism
Facilities groundside: Not sufficiant

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Waterway has access to:

Fiume Po | Fiume Mincio | Rivers in Italy
Laguna di Venezia | Lagoon of Venice | Italy
Mediterranean Sea

Brondolo at River Brenta to River Po and into the Delta Natural Park
The canals Canale die Valle and Canale Po – Brondolo assure inland waterway access between River Po and the Laguna of Venice. The lock dimensions 81 x 10 m made them attractive for freight vessels until a few years ago. Today, both canals are mostly used by boating tourism.
The two canals meet at River Adige, at the locks, Conca di Cavanella d’Adige Sinistra and Destra.

As from there, one has the possibility to continue on River Adige to the Adriatic Sea or go upstream until Cavazerre, where one finds a nice wharf.
A bit further south Canale Po – Brondolo meets Po di Levante. This offers a short detour to Porto Levante and the Adriatic Sea.
Length: 21 km / 3 locks

Canale Bianco, an unknown greatness!
An almost unknown waterway to leisure boaters, starting at Canale Po – Brodolo at the lock to River Po and flowing into River Mincia short before Mantua. Both ends are regularly used by convoys; the middle part pleases first of all fishermen. The canal crosses strongly used agricultural grounds with one exception, the town of Adria, it can be reached by a short side branch. It is open all through but has very low bridges. Bianco is fed by River Mincio.
Unfortunately, there are no nice wharfs. Now and then one finds a possibility to tie up at reloading places for agricultural goods or in one of the villages.

Po di Goro
Having left Rver Po, one gets after 9 km to the twin towns Ariano nel Polesine and Ariano Ferrarese.  First of them would offer all amenities but there is no wharf, not even something like one. Next, the famous castle of Mesola turns up starboard, we great it from far, no wharf here either! After another 40 km the bigger place Goro is reached. It has a comfortable marina at the Adriatic coast. 
With some patience, we manage to pass the pontoon bridge and get finally to Gorino Ferranese. It looks chaotic at the fishers harbor but we are lucky and find a place for the night. Next morning we reach the sea after 6 km and low winds allow the short trip of 3 km along the Adriatic coast in order to get to the mouth of Po di Grocca.   
Length: 48.7 km / 1 pontoon bridge

Hardly arrived on Po di Gnocca, we stand in front of the well maintained pontoon bridge of Gnocchetta. The standby footbridge is free and we use it for a short shore leave while waiting for the opening. Unfortunately there are no wharfs on this side arm of River Po either. But navigating it is a pleasure. It is rather idyllic. After 20 km we are back on River Po which is here at the confluence with River Gnocca already 380 m wide.

Po delle Tolle
This is the last side arm of River Po in the south before it flows into the Adriatic Sea.
It passes the village Polesine Camerine, which doesn’t have a wharf, over Scardovari (with marina) to “La Baricata” at the Adriatic Sea, it has a marina too.
Length: 13.2 km

Po di Maistra
The last side arm of River Po in the north turns off short after Porto Tolle to the northeast and flows after a few km into the Adriatic Sea. One has to take care because of shallow water and the pontoon bridge is not always served. The side arm crosses with its entire length through the Delta Natural Parl.
Length:  16.4 km / 1 pontoon bridge

Canale Botticelli 
The lock at Pontelagoscuro on the Po brings us onto Canale Botticelli. The industrial canal leads after 5 km to the marina of Ferrara.
Canale Navigabile Ferrare – Porto Garibaldi
This once very important link of the city of Ferrara with the Adriatic Sea is not used very often today even though, lock dimensions are 115 x 11.50 m. Having passed the industrial agglomeration west of Ferrara, we find ourselves in the strongly used agricultural area of the Po delta. There are no official wharfs all the way down to Comacchio. Not even this picturesquelagoon town has a decent place to tie up a boat. But we want to see the town and make the best of a shaky balk to do so. The harbor south of Garibaldi finally has all infrastructure but not always free places in season…
Length: 71.5 km / 2 locks

Po di Volano
One used to be able to get from Volano at the Adriatic Sea on the river to Canale Ferrara – Porto Garibaldi at Migliarino. The power station of Tieni between Massa Fiscalia and Codigoro set an end to this. With ideal water level one can get, on the Ferrara side, to Massa Fiscali and from the coast side, to Codigoro. In Codigoro are some common possibilities for tying up.       
Length: 34 km / not navigable all through!