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A dream for boaters, the city of Venice in the middle of a huge natural reserve

Laguna di Venezia | Lagoon of Venice | Italy: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: Demanding
Requirements: No license asked for hired boats
Character of waterway: back to nature, with urban surroundings
Profile of waterway: Commercial traffic and tourism
Facilities groundside: Sufficiant

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Waterway has access to:

Delta del Po / Chioggia – Porto Garibaldi
Litoranea Veneta - Jesolo - Caorle / Fiume Sile | Italy
Naviglia Brenta / Canale Piovego / Brenta navigabile | Italy

Venice - Murano - Burano - Torcello - Silone - Conche di Portegrandi - Sile
From our quay, on the small canal, in the middle of the island of Vignole, we continue to Fondamente Nuove, along the north eastern periphery of Venice and turn there to the north, past San Michele, the cemetery island and get to Murano, the famous isle of the glassblowers. Since one can't find a tie up here, we visited the island with the Vaporetto from Venice, the day before. If you are lucky, you can find a place for a short stop in order to get something from the super market. We continue on Canale Scom. Giacomo to Burano. The very nice quay of Mazzorbo, right next to the town, is reserved for a houseboat hirer but one can surely find a tie up for 2-3 hours, navigating around the island. It would be a pity not to visit this very nice place. Then, we continue on Canale Borgognoni to the turn off into Canale Silone, which brings us through the rather savage, with reed overgrown Parco Archealogico to the lock of Poertegrandi. A big marina was constructed in front of the lock during the last few years. We stop at the reception quay in order to have lunch. Within minutes the guard arrives, asking for € 10.00 for an hour rest.
We therefore continue past the lock, bringing us onto the Fiume Sile. We find some bollards right there, free of charge!

One has some company from Canale Treporti over Canale San Felice. But, leaving the latter, one seems to leave civilization too.
We are all on our own now, flat waters of the Laguna and uncountable small islands, inhabited by birds only, escort us through the canals of Riga and dei Bari. At the turn off of Lio Maggiore one continues southwards into the Fosso. Be very careful here, depending on tides, water depth can be, in the middle of the marked canal, just about 90 cm.
At the end of the Fosso, the town of Cavallino is awaiting us with a beautiful new quay. Unfortunately like most others without any further infrastructures for boaters. Right next to the quay is a bakery, a small super market, the Police station and one of the best restaurants of the Laguna.
We continue on Canale Casson to the lock of Cavallino. Since we want to get further to the Lagunas of Marano and Grado we have to take a decision here. The only 6 km long Canal Cavetta from Jesolo to Cortellazzo is not navigable any more. We have two possibilities: Navigating the 2 km down to the Porto di Piave Veccia and continuing then over the Adriatic Sea, along the Lido di Jesolo, to Cortelazzo or, we go to the north and take a nearly 50 km detour over Sile, Canal di Piave Veccia and then on the Piave down to Cortellazzo. The pontoon bridge of Cortellazzo is not opened on Sundays!

Venice - Chioggia
There are two ways from Venice to the fishermen town of Chioggia:
1. We follow Canale Spirito, Piazza San Marco passed the abbey church of St. Spirio and further to Malamocco over the canal with the same name, along the Lido to Alberoni. From there, one goes over Canale Pellestrina passed the gorgeous fishing harbors of S. Piero in Volta and S. Antonio to Pellestrana, there one changes for a short stretch onto Canale Caroman in order to reach the harbor of Chioggia.
2. Western route: This goes first over Canale di Fusana south of Mestre to the main land and continues then over the huge waterway Canale di Malamocco towards Porto Malamocco. One has to be very careful on this route; all the enormous cruise liners visiting Venice pass here. Short before getting to Porto Malamocco and Alberoni, Canale di Valgrande turns off to the south. Short after its called Canale di Lio o Allaciante und a few km before Chioggia, Canale della Peroglola.  On these three canals you are in the middle of the lagoon, water as far as one can see and apart of some fishing huts, no sign of civilization.

It's a lovely, colorful town, something like a small, comfortable Venice with much less tourists!
In the south of Chioggia we have, over the lock "Conca grande di Chioggia", a connection to the rivers Brenta and Bacchaglione. And from there, the Canale di Valle brings you to the Delta of the Po.