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Litoranea Veneto Caorle to Marano with River Lemene, Canale Niccesolo o Canalon, Canale dei Lovi, River Tagliamento, River Stella and the canals in the lagoon of Marano

Litoranea Veneta Caorle-Marano | Fiume Lemene | Canale Niccesolo o Canalon | Canale dei Lovi | Fiume Tagliamento Canale Pertegada | Canale Cialisia & Fiume Stella: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: Some experience is an advantage
Requirements: No license asked for hired boats
Character of waterway: back to nature
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Good

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Litoranea Veneta - Jesolo - Caorle / Fiume Sile | Italy
Litoranea Veneta - Marano - Grado - Monfalcone | Italiy
Mediterranean Sea

Die Litoranea Veneta von Caorle bis Marano

Litoranea from Venice to Monfalcone, part two: Caorle-Laguna di Marano
We leave Grado by the turning bridge (1) and get onto Canale Cavetta ( 5,2 km) after a short stretch on Canal Niccèsolo o Canalon (3,5 km) we continue on Canale del Morto (3,5 km) . There is a nice Restaurant with wharf. Canale Morto is soon replaced by Canale Cavanella (3 km). There is again a Restaurant with a small port. In the now following bay of Baseleghe, one finds everything one might think of, good Restaurants, marinas, dockyards and a camping place, if one can find a place to tie-up…
Then one continues on the Litoranea (6.5 km) to the lock Concca di Bevazzana sinistra at Fiume Tagliamento, it is open most of the time, we continue 1.3 km upstream and stand in front of Concca di Bevazzano destra. Having passed the lock and the turning bridge belonging to it, one is on Canale Tagliamento (8 km), bringing us to the Laguna di Marano.
Attention, the first 3 km on the lagoon one should cross by high tide only, at low tide water level can be below 50 cm.
At the end of the canal, in the lagoon, we have the choice to go to Aprilia Marittima with its huge marina, take Canale Cialisia to the small river Stella or go by Canale di Marano to Marano. Don’t try to find a place in the fishermen harbor, there is a marina on the island just in front and over the bridge one gets into the center of the charming village within 5 minutes.

Fiume Lemene, Canale Niccésolo o Canalon & Canale Sindacale

Parco Lagunare di Caorle
Coming from Port S. Margherita, we get over the Canale Saetta (Litoranea Venata) into the Canale Nicèssolo o Canalon at Bocca Volta. Here we find ourselves suddenly in the middle of the gorgeous natural park of the Laguna. It is not really correct to call it a canal. It is really a Laguna with huge areas overgrown with reed. Fishing is allowed and we therefore just meet a few fishermen, cormorants, herons and sea gulls. Now and then one of the very beautifully restored, former fishing huts turns up or we get a short view of one of the big farm properties.
Shortly before we get into the Canale Sindacale we meet a group of workers of the water authorities. We complain that it is not possible to pass the Sindacale anymore because of the new motorway bridge crossing it. They just laugh. "No Problemo! If you want to get to Concordia, go back for a few metres, turn westward into the Canale Maranghetto and turn sharp right by the house at the railway bridge. Like this you get onto the small river Lemene which brings you to Concordia".
Of course they knew what they were speaking about but the small River Lemene was sometimes so narrow that we thought to get stuck in one of the turns. No way to turnaround either. When we reached Concordia in the evening, Skipper and crew fell rather tired. Unfortunately, the turning bridge is being renovated when we arrive. We couldn’t find out though whether the medieval town of Portogruaro can be reached too. With boats with less than 60 cm it should be possible with high tide. 

Canale dei Lovi

Canale dei Lovi
Is the northern continuation of the bay of Baseleghe and a nice alternative if one hasn’t enough time for Canale Niccèsolo o Canalon and Fiume (River) Lemene. One finds here as well the wide reed fields with the reed huts belonging to them. At the end, a nice Pizzeria is waiting for guests. Tying up in the mini harbor may be some challenge. Canale dei Lovi has a length of 8 km.

Fiume Tagliamento & Canale Tagliamento.

River Tagliamento
is most likely suitable for a day trip, either coming from the Adriatic Sea, or when navigating the Litoranea Veneta. The splendid river is well known for its notorious high waters and is therefore enclosed by very high banks. The only town along the underflow, offering a beach and quay, is a military area. Of the villages of Pertegada, Cesarolo and San Michele one sees the steeples and a few roofs, no tie-ups either; they would probably be washed away. We manage to stop in Latisana just as well, at the bottom of the 10 m high banks; we can find two small trees in the shrubbery that are fine enough.  The beautiful old town is then rewarding us for the effort. A few days later, the water went back to a small rest of about 30 cm, explaining why this rather big town doesn't construct a tie-up.

Canale Tagliamento
is again part of the Litoranea Veneta and brings us from the high water lock of Bevazzano destra into the Laguna di Marano. The lock is open most of the time and right behind it, a very modern swing bridge is awaiting us. The bridge guide is informing us that the entry into the Laguna can be passed at high tide only. Even though we took this seriously, we had sometimes the feeling to get stuck any moment. After a good kilometer, we finally have enough water under the keel again and find ourselves in the Laguna soon after.

Fiume Stella & Canale Cialisia

River Stella
This charming small river with its romantic name in the northwest of the Laguna di Marano invites for a swim, to stay for a while and for a meal.
A stop at the Ristorante Stella can really be recommended! There is a nice wharf at the pretty small town of Precenico. Unfortunately, it offers neither water nor electricity otherwise it would be perfect. There is a bar with a small restaurant just behind it, a butcher’s shop with an enlarged offer and a bakery.  

Canale Cialisia
Brings you to the southeast, the Litoranea Veneta within the lagoon di Marano.