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The inland waterway link Literanea Veneta Jesolo to Caorle / River Sile / Canale Taglio del Sile / Link Piave – Sile Piave Vecchia / river Piave / River Livenza

Litoranea Veneta - Jesolo - Caorle / Fiume Sile | Italy: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: Demanding
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: back to nature, old waterway, to be rediscovered
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Not sufficiant

Weitere Informationen

Waterway has access to:

Lifting-, turning- and pontoon bridges
1. Pontoon bridge of Caposile
The bridge is being served and turned away completely, one has to wait for about half an hour.
2. Lifting bridge Taglio del Sile into Piave vecchia
This one is always open but has, depending on tides, a head room between 2.80 m and 3.40 m.
3. Turning Bridge of Jesolo
It is not always served, one has to get in contact to the police or the city council. Count with 30 to 60 minutes.
4. Turning bridge of Cortellazo
is always served but closed on Sundays. There is no possibility to tie up above the bridge.
5. Turning bridge of Torre di Fine
is served if you announce your trip by telephone before. One opening costs € 12.00 but if you are not careful, this price is asked for each boat.
6. Turning bridge on River Livenza
above Caorle is theoretically working, only one can’t find anybody to serve it. If you would like to go onto the Livenza, you have the possibility to take the detour over Canale Saete, but
7. The firm bridge on the link canal can only be passed exactly at the lowest tide if boats have headroom of 3.30 m.
8. Turning bridge on Canale Saete at Caorle
After searching for a while, we find the responsible person in the nearby Trattoria. It is very hard to move this bridge and he is therefore only ready to do so by using abusive language. 

Lock at Piave veccia
If tide is going back one has to be careful here, there is a considerable base drag.

Canale Cavetta
Bigger boats are not allowed to pass this canal.

River Sile
was, after the Second World War already navigable from Treviso. Today, the pleasure starts a bit further down, at the lock of Silea. Soon, the nice little town of Casier turns up. A big house boat hirer is located there. Unfortunately also here, some of the landlords ask prices like the Venetians on the Piazza San Marco. We therefore recommend tying up at the very nice quay of Casale sul Sile. Right at the quay is a well known, expensive but very good Trattoria, at the south end of town is a very comfortable and favorable Pizzeria which we can warmly recommend. The pub at Quarto d'Altino is for years already "closed for a short time", with luck, one finds a tie up possibility in front of the lock of Portegrandi and a chair in the restaurant. Then, on the Taglio del Sile, one enjoys a fantastic view onto the northern Laguna of Venice, a dream!
We now approach the pontoon bridge of Caposile, which is actually always opened but not always immediately! Shortly afterwards comes the turn off for those, who want to continue to the east and the Laguna di Marano, the southern branch passes Jesolo to the lock of Cavallino or into the Gulf of Venice. Warning: You have to be aware of a strong current on the head water until Quarto d'Altino.

Piave veccia
this connection to the Piave at Musile is a real paradise, the small Ristorante at Chiesanuova is awaiting us with a tiny garden. The lock to the Piave should be approached cautiously, there can be a considerable draught, this supplies, by the way, for the entire stretch.

Litoranea Veneta
Canale Largon
Almost a hundred meters upstream of Cortelleza is, at the entry to the Canale Largon, the high waters lock Conca di Revedoli. The first few kilometeres are bordered by common holiday homes which are then replaced by big farmhouses and huge grain fields. Soon, we get to the swing bridge of Torre di Fine. At the lock one finds the telephone number of the guard. He arrives within 20 minutes. Between overgrown banks by reeds, we continue to Brian and get surprised by the current of the Canale Livenza Morta, discharging from the north. We find a simple tie up.
Then, we continue on the Canale Commessere to Caorle. We take the impasse for a short detour into the cosy fishermen's port. Back from there, we head for the
Canale Saetta and stand in front of the next swing bridge. It’s not easy to find the guard in a Ristorante near by, he opens the hard to handle bridge with comments which can't be repeated here. 
After the change into the Canale Riello, we are in front of the "Pièce de Resistance" of the day, the low, firm road bridge with a semiofficial head room of 2.50m. Our boats have a semiofficial height of 3.50 m, according to the boat hirer! Do we really have to renounce from navigating the Livenza? With almost ebb tide, we pass the bridge with a clearance of 2 cm. We measure a total of 3.25 m....
A few meters later, we are on the Livenza! 

River Piave
This was once an important waterway and it would, also today, still be navigable until Noventa die Piave, but the pontoon bridge at San Dona di Piave is not opened anymore.
After the lock of Musile di Piave one can’t find any tying up possibilities until Cortellazo, not even at Eraclea! The pontoon bridge at Cortellazo is opened in the middle only and on Sundays also this part stays closed.

River Livenza
This broad river has only middle high causeys. At Salute di Livenza a first surprise, there is a super tie up and a short 5 minutes walk brings us to the town centre and a supermarket. Pizzerias, Trattorias, a Gelateria, it's a place to stay for a while. A further surprise we get later at Tore di Moste, there is a very modern quay but not very practical though. Behind the bank is a picturesque little town with a small restaurant which is unfortunately closed between 13 30h and 19 00h for a Siesta.
Santo Stino di Livenza lies a short kilometer behind the common, wooden pier. We can see its very nice steeple. From here, we dare to continue without a nautical chart towards the Dolomite Alps. After 3 hours a high water lock appears on our backboard side.  It slowly gets dark and we can't turn around. We therefore pass the lock and find ourselves in the middle of a very nicely made port with rafts, a slip as well as connections for water and electrical supplies. The latter don't work but never mind. We are in the middle of Motta di Livenza!