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The lagoon of Grado with the following rivers: River Aussa, River Corno, River Natissa, River & Canale Isonzato, Canale Marano, Canale Corno e Aussa, Canale Barbara

Litoranea Veneta - Marano - Grado - Monfalcone | Italiy: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: Demanding
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: back to nature, old waterway, to be rediscovered
Profile of waterway: Hardly ever used
Facilities groundside: Not sufficiant

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Waterway has access to:

Litoranea Veneta Caorle-Marano | Fiume Lemene | Canale Niccesolo o Canalon | Canale dei Lovi | Fiume Tagliamento Canale Pertegada | Canale Cialisia & Fiume Stella
Mediterranean Sea

Turning-, lifting- and pontoon bridges
1. Turning bridge Ponte del  Feudi at Canale Tiel is opened only if passage is announced 48 hours before.
1. Turning bridge at Canale Isonzato  is opened only if passage is announced 48 hours before.

Litoranea Veneta, Marano - Grado - Monfacone

Litoranea Veneta
At the end of Canale Tagliamento (see Litoranea Veneta, Caorle – Marano) the canals Pantani, S. Andrea, del Porto Bucco, Muro, Anfore Vecchia, di Grado, Santa Barbara, Tiel et Isonzato are following.  Canale Tiel et Isonzato flows short before its mouth into River Isonzo. Since this one is silted up, a short canal gives access to the Gulf of Panzano with the big harbor town of Monfalcone.
Navigating the lagoon of Grado with its huge water surfaces, its dreamy islands and fishing huts is uniquely wonderful but can become uncomfortable with heavy winds.

Fiume Natissa & Canale della Teiada

The journey Grado, over the Canale San Pietro d’Orio, Canale della Teida and River Natissa, brings you to Aquilee, one of the most important harbor towns of the Romans. But there are not only the remains of this harbor to be seen, there is the most important early Christian flooring mosaic in the medieval cathedral.

Theoretically one can navigate to the town bridge, Skippers with boats of more than 8 m risk though to go out backwards for more than 1 km.  Before the town lies a perfect marina.

Fiume Corno, Fiume Aussa, Canale Corno & Aussa

Fiume Aussa
This small river of 12 km offers smaller boats access to Cervignano Friuli, but there is an end at the bridge in the town center. Even though there is hardly any tourism, it can be difficult to find a tie-up possibility.

Fiume Corno
The short stretch of river to San Giogio di Nogara sees Skippers going to the marina and dockyards in Ponto Nogaro  and huge sea vessels with their freight being pulled to the industrial port.

Canale Corno & Aussa
This is the link from Adriatic Sea, across the lagoon, to the above mentioned small rivers. The canal is also the border between the two lagoons of Marano and Grado.