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The waterways in Lombardia between Lago Maggiore and the navigable River Po: Fiume Ticino, Canale Ticino, Naviglio Grande, Naviglio di Bereguardo, Naviglio della Martesana, Naviglio di Paderno, Naviglio di Pavia

Navigli Lombardi | Italia: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: no rating
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: with urban surroundings, old waterway, to be rediscovered
Profile of waterway: Not navigable all through
Facilities groundside: Sufficiant

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Fiume Po | Fiume Mincio | Rivers in Italy
Lago Maggiore (Langensee) | Switzerland
Lago Maggiore | Italy

Legend to detailed map:
1. Power Station Miorina with lock (out of order)
2. Power Station Porto Torre without lock
3. Lock Villoresi (out of order)
4. Lock with two chambers (out of order)
5. Pedestrian bridge with 50 cm headroom, followed by lock to River Ticino (out of order)
6. Power station Tornavento (not working)
7. Turbigo: Power Station with lock (out of order), pedestrian bridge with 50 cm headroom, 600 m below the Power Station is a weir with no lock.
8. Barrier crossing with a decline of 50 cm, navigable with dinghies only.

Fiume Ticino / Canale Ticino / Naviglio Grande -
vom Lago Maggiore nach Mailand

Canale Ticino & Naviglio Grande
Milanese people new soon that a real city needed a real River too. With River Lambro it was rather difficult. It either brought hardly any water or then in destroying amounts. One decided to tap River Ticino, since it had, because of its huge balancing basin Lago Maggiore, more and very regularly water. When the canal was inaugurated in 1272!, it was at the same time water supply, transport way and canalization. (Unfortunately not much has changed since Milano still lets a lot of its sewage water be “cleared” by River Po and the Adriatic Sea).
Today, there is a serious project to reopen the canals Ticino, Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese, this would also be of touristic interest for the south of Switzerland. One would finally be able to get from Locarno by boat to the Mediterranean Sea. Just like 200 years ago.
Length of the waterway: 95 km.

Naviglio Bereguardo - from Abiategrasso to Bereguardo

Naviglio Bereguardo
The side canal of Naviglio Grande leads from Abbiagrasso to Bereguardo and used to serve the transport of agricultural goods into the city of Milano. It had one lock only. Today it’s used for irrigation.
The canal has an entire length of 18.8 km and used to have 12 locks. Most of them are not apparent anymore.

Naviglio Pavese
Link Naviglio Grande at Porta Ticinese in Milano to the town of Piave at River Ticino, short before its confluence with River Po.

Naviglio Pavese

This is the almost straight connection between Darsena at Porta Ticinese in Milan and Pavia. From there one gets over the connecting lock into the Ticino, flowing into the Po after 10 km already.
One started with a link between Milan and River Po in 1584 already. But only in 1819 the last lock was inaugurated by “HH Prince Rainer, Emperor of Austria and Vic Roy of Lombardo-Venetia”-
Should the project Ticino - Po be realized one day, everybody will pass this stretch of 36 km as soon as possible since it crosses mostly industrial areas or agrarian monocultures. The quarters of Navigli in Milan and the beautiful town of Pavia will recompense for that.
Length of canal: 33.3 km / Locks: 12, 2 of them are double locks.

Naviglio Martesana

City of Milan to River Adda.

Naviglio Martesana

This waterway was first called Naviglio Piccolo and was navigable around 1470 already, but its important times began 1554 - 1564 only when the lock of San Marco was built. Therewith it got a connection to the Naviglio Grande and barks were able to navigate from the Ticino over the Naviglio Grande, Naviglio Martesana and Fiume Adda to the Po.
Naviglio Martesana was fed by River Adda and had enough current to drive wind mills by the way. The canal was modernized all through its existence of 450 years. Yet in the 19th century its dimensions were expanded to the "French" size (39 x 5.10 m). 
In 1970 the responsibility for the canal went from the country to the region Lombardi, which gave it to the Consortio di Bonifica Est Ticino Villoresi in 1983. In the nineties, the canal got declassed and the area between the main station of Milan and the Darsena at the Porte Ticinese was overbuilt. Large parts of the old towpath are now a very popular destination to cyclists.
Length of canal: 38 km / 3 locks.

Il Naviglio di Paderno

Naviglio Paderno to River Adda

Naviglio Paderno has a length of 2600 m only and is the shortest but probably craziest waterway of Italy.