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The waterways between Amstel, Vecht and Vinkeveensche Plassen

Angstel / Gein / Waver / Weesper trekvaart | Noordholland & Utrecht | Netherlands: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: For beginners (few locks)
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: back to nature
Profile of waterway: Hardly ever used
Facilities groundside: Sufficiant

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Amsterdam - Rijn - Kanaal| Netherlands
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Weesper trekvaart / Smal Weesp & Gein

Weesper trekvaart leaves River Amstel in the southern agglomeration of Amsterdam and meets at Driemond the small River Gein
As from Driemond the Smal Seesp goes through Amsterdam-RijnKanaal to Weesp at the Vecht. The small river Gein turns after Driemond again to the southwest and flows at Abcoude into the Angstel.

Bullewijk Waver / Oude Waver / Holendrecht /  Angstel / Nieuwe Wetering

Bullewijk Waver & Oude Waver
It’s short trip from Oudekerk at the Amstel into the southeast over Stokkelaarsbrug back to Amstel again at Nessesluis. 

Holendrecht, Angstel 6 Nieuve Wetering
Coming on the Bullewijker Wave Holendrecht turns eastward short before Stokkelarsbrugg, it gets to Abcoude after 4 km already, to the confluence of Gein and Angstel. Navigation on Anstel, passed Vinkeveensche Plassen, parallel to Amsterdam-Rijn-Kanaal ends a bit northeast of Beuelen. The last stretch to the canal and the Vecht at Beukelen, one passes on the Nieuwe Wetering.