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Waterways in the northeast of Friesland:
Dokkumer Ee, Dokkumer Grootdiep, Dokkumer diep, Stroobosser trekvaart, Nieuwe Zwemmer, Nieuwe Vaart, De Lits, Opeinder Vaart, Wartenasterwijld, Zijsterriijd.

B | Frisian Waterways Northeast / Netherlands: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: For beginners (few locks)
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: back to nature
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Good

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B | Frisian Waterways Northeast / Netherlands

Dokkumer Ee / Dokkumer Grootdiep, Dokkumer Diep, HallumerTrekvaart, Finkumervaart, Stienservaart

Dokkumer Ee / Dokkumer Grootdiep
are parts oft he Staande Mastroute
Hallumer Trekvaart

Lock dimensions: 38.90 x 5.05 / number of locks: 1
Length of waterway: 33 km / depth: 1.80 m

Category of water: Spits / Peniche / Barge
Waterkaart: B / Friesland

Dokkumer Ee & Dokkumer Grootdiep
The link Haninxma-Kanaal at Leeuwarden to Lauwermeer. Biggest place along the canalized river is the town of Dokkum.
From there, the Reitdiep continues to the southeast and flows into the Van Starkenborgh – Kanaal, north of Groningen. The northern route is part of the Staande Mastroute. This waterway is hardly used by professionals and is, from its surroundings, more charming then the direct route into the Prinses-Margriet-Kanaal. But, it is also a bit longer.

Hallumer Trekvaart, Finkumervaart and Stienservaart are the shortest link from Dokkumer Ee to Hallum, Finkum and Stiens.

Stroobosser Trekvaart & Zijlsterrijd

Stroobosser Trekvaart / Zijlsterrijd
Fryslân / Friesland
Length: 15 km / Head room 2.85 m / Depth: 1.20
Category of water: 0 / leisure Boating

Waterkaart: A Groningen & Drenthe, B Friesland

Nice surroundings make this an appealing link between Dokkum at Dokumer Ee (Staande Mastroute) and Prinses Margriet Kanaal at Stroobos.

Zijlsterrijd is the short link between Stroobosser trekvaart and Dokkumer diep and passes the small town of Kollum.

Nieuwe Zwemmer, Nieuwe Vaart, Opeinder Vaart, Kuikhoenstervaart, De Lits

Nieuwe Zwemmer, Nieuwe Vaart, Opeinder Vaart, Kuikhoenstervaart, De Lits
Nieuwe Zwemmer / Nieuwe Vaart / Opeinder Vaart
Fryslân / Friesland
Length: 25 km / Head room 2.75 / depth: 1.80
Category of water: 0 / leisure boating

Waterkaart: B Friesland

The waterway from  von Drachten over de Leijen and Bergumer Meer to  Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen in the north goes over the following canals: Stoppelzool, Kuikhornstervaart, Nieuwe Vaart, Nieuwe Zwemmer and the Oud Dokkumerdiep.

Lang Deel / Wartenasterwijd / Rogslot

This is the almost 10 km long waterway from the center of Leeuwarden over Tijnje, Lang Deel, Wartenasterwijd and Rogsloot to the Prinses Margriet Kanaal. It passes the village of Warten with its big marina.