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Waterways in southern Frisia: Bolswardervaart - Wijde Wijmertd - Nauwe Wijmerts / Johan Willem Friso Kanaal / Nieuwe Heerenveen Kanaal / Follega sloot - Tieukermeer 

B | Waterways Friesland South / Netherlands: Characteristics & Overview

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Waterway has access to:

Bolswardervaart / Wijde Wijmerts / Nauwe Wijmerts

Bolswarder vaart / Wijde Wijmerts / Nauwe Wijmerts
Fryslân / Friesland

Category of waters: To Johan Friso Kanaal I, thereafter O

Waterkaart: B / Friesland

The link is assured by the following canals Bolswardervaart, Wijde Wijmerts and Nauwe Wjmerts it starts at Bolsward to the south and goes over Slotermeer to Sloten.

Follega sloot / Tjeukermeer

This vaart starts in Sloten at Nauwen Wijmerts goes over Brandle Meer, Kromme Ee, Follega sloot, Tjeukermeer and Pier Christiaansloot to Kuinder of Tjonger in the Province of Drenthe.
Marinas can be found at Sloten, Oosterzee-Gietersebrug (Tjeukermeer) and Echtenerbrugg (Pier Christiaansloot).

Heerenveense & Engelenvaart

Heerenveense Vaart
Het Deel / Nieuwe Heerenveense Kanaal, Monikeraak & Engelenvaart
Fryslân / Friesland
Category of water: 0 / leisure boating
Waterkaart: B / Friesland

Coming on Meinesloot from Akkrum one turns left into Het Deel. The turnoff to Monikerak comes after short 5 km. This goes to the turnoff into Buitenringvaart and Heeresloot. Buitenringvaart leads to Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart and Heeresloot into the town center of Heerenveen.

If one continues on Nieuwe Heerenveens Kanaal one passes the town on the west and gets into Engelenvaart, going to Kinder of Tjonger.
This is a popular short cut from the Frisian waters to Drentse (Drentsche) Hoofdvaart.

Johan Willem Friso Kanaal

Johan Willem Friso Kanaal in south Frisia is rather a chain of lakes (called meer in Dutch) linked by small canals.

The waterway starts at the harbor town of Stavoren (nearly every town in Holland is a harbour town...) continues over Warnser Vaart, Morra, De Oorden, Fluessen and Heegermeer to Heeg, becomes there finally a canal, crosses Wijde Wijmerts and gets to Prinses Margriet Kanaal.