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The waterways in the south of Friesland:
De Linde / Kuinder of Tjonger / Tjongerkanaal / Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart / Heerenvensche Vaart / Engelenvaart.

B | Waterways Friesland Southeast / Netherlands: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Lock dimensions: 38.50 x 5.08
Degree of difficulty: Some experience is an advantage
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: back to nature, old waterway, to be rediscovered
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Not sufficiant

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Aafleidingskanaal Leie | Belgium

Opsterlandse Compagonsvaart

Opsterlandse Compagonsvaart
Turf Route with Boorne, Nieuwe Vaart, Compagonsvaart & Witte Wijk
Fryslân / Friesland

Category of water: 0 / Leisure Boating
Waterkaart: A / Friesland & B / Groningen & Drehn

Turf Route
It starts in Nes at Akkrum, northeast of Sneeker Meer as Boorne, at Aldeboarn it's then called Nieuwe Diep, becomes at the inflow of Stroomkanaal the Nieuwe Vaart and then finally it's called like the Kanaal that gave its name to it all (see title).

This waterway occurred between 1630 and 1830; in coherence with the dismantling of turf in this area. It was given up in the middle of the last century and was supposed to be filled up in 1974. Opposition to this was organized by Pater vun Ulden at Gorredijk and as a result, a trust for the preservation of this vaart was established.
A trip across these very beautiful moorlands is a great experience today and is therefore used by many leisure boaters.

Kuinder of Tjonger / Tjongerkanaal

Kuinder of Tjonger
On the turf route in Friesland / Frislân
Category of waters: 0 Leisure Boating
Waterkaart / waterway maps
A Friesland - Frislân - B Groningen / Drenthe - C Nordwest / Overijssel

Kuinder of Tjonger

at the small place of Kuinre, 10 km southeast of Lemmer, the small River Linde meets the Tjonger.
This flows to the northeast and becomes at Midam to

As from here, it's definitely part of the Turf Route. Short before Oosterwolde the canals flows into the Opsterlandsche Compagnonsvaart, going to Drentse Hoofdvaart.

Heerenveensche Vaart / Engelenvaart

Heerenveense Vaart
Het Deel / Nieuwe Heerenveense Kanaal, Monikeraak & Engelenvaart
Fryslân / Friesland
Category of waters: 0 / leisure boating
Waterkaart / waterway maps: B / Friesland

Coming from Akkrum on Meineslot, one turns left into Het Deel. the turnoff to Monikerak comes ater a short 5 km and this continues to the turnoff into Buitenringvaart and Heeresloot. Buitenringvaart continues to Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart and Heeresloot to the town center of Heerenveen.

Continuing on Nieuwe Heerenveens Kanaal, one passes the town on the west and gets over Engelenvaart to Kinder of Tjonger.
This vaart is a popular short cut from the waters of Friesland to Drentse (Drentsche) Hoofdvaart.

De Linde / Mallegat

De Linde (Rivieren)
Friesland / Overijssel

Category of water: 0 / leisure boating
Waterkaart / Wasserkarte: C / Noordwest - Overijssel

River Linde
The navigable stretch of this small idyllic water starts southeast of Wolvega. On its way to the southwest it formes the border between Friesland and Overijssel, after the three way lock, Linde is for some kilometers connecting part between Jonkers of Helgomavaart and Kanaal Szeewijk - Ossenzijl.

At Kuindre it goes into the Nieuwe Kanal is for short called Tusschen Linde and then, it's called Kuinder of Tjonger....
This vaart is unfortunately a dead end and hardly offers any facilities along the banks.

Jonkers of Helomavaart

Jonkers of Helomavaart
Kuinder of Tjonger to River Linde therewith to Kanaal Steenwijk-Ossenzijl. The shortest link from southeast Friesland to the Overijssel.


A mini trip from River Linde at the Driewegsluis to the small town of Oldemarkt.