Netherlands » Dokkumer Ee, Dokkumer Grootdiep, Dokumer diep / Netherlands

Staande Mastroute Leeuwarden to Lauwersmeer and further to Groningen.

Dokkumer Ee, Dokkumer Grootdiep, Dokumer diep / Netherlands: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 33 km
Number of locks: 1
Lock dimensions: 38.90
Max. depth: 1.80
Degree of difficulty: For beginners (few locks)
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: back to nature, old waterway, to be rediscovered
Profile of waterway: no rating
Facilities groundside: no rating

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Waterway has access to:

Stoobosser Trekvaart | Netherlands
Van Harinxma Kanaal & Kleiroute

Dokkumer Ee / Dokkumer Grootdiep / Hallumer Trekvaart / Finkumerffart / Stienservaart

Dokkumer Ee & Dokkumer Grootdiep
are part of the Staande Mastroute
Hallumer Trekvaart

Category of waters: Spits / Peniche / Barge
Waterkaart: B / Friesland

Dokkumer Ee & Dokkumer Grootdiep
The link Haninxma-Kanaal at Leeuwarden to Lauwermeer. Biggest place along the canalized small river is the town of Dokkum.
From here Reitdiep goes to the southeast and flows into Van Starkenborgh - Kanaal north of Groningen. The northern stretch is part of the Staande Mastroute. This route is now hardly used by commercial vessels and has nice surroundings. It has therefore more charme then the direct route over Prinses-Margriet-Kanaal. But, it's a bit longer though.

Hallumer Trekvaart, Finkumervaart and Stienservaart are the short links from Dokkumer Ee to the places of Hallum, Finkum and Stiens.