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Lower Rhine across Limburg to Maastricht and the Meuse in Belgium

Limburgse Maas / Julianakanaal | Limburg Netherlands: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 126 km
Number of locks: 8
Lock dimensions: 137.00 x 13.50
Max. depth: 2.80
Max. headroom: 7.20
Degree of difficulty: Demanding
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: no rating
Profile of waterway: Main waterway
Facilities groundside: Good

Weitere Informationen

Waterway has access to:

Maas (Meuse) River | Belgium
Neder-Rijn / Waal | Gelderland Netherlands
Wilhelminakanaal | Beatrixkanaal | Zuid Willemsvaart / Netherlands

Limburgse Maas & Julianakanaal

Category of waters: Va / 110 x 14 m
Waterkaart: M / Limburgse Maas

Maas of Limburg and Julianakanaal
At the Belgium – Dutch border to the turn off of Maas-Waalkanaal. Surroundings are rather charming but one has to count with heavy commercial traffic. However, there is enough room and doesn’t disturb too much though. And, all the big marinas are set back into side arms of the Maas where no swell is disturbing.

Bigger places with marinas

/ Roermond Venlo / Wanssum