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A dreamy small river between abundant major rivers…

Linge / Gelderland | Netherlands: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 35 km
Number of locks: 1
Lock dimensions: 100.00 x 11.00
Max. depth: 1.80
Max. headroom: 4.90
Degree of difficulty: Some experience is an advantage
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: old waterway, to be rediscovered
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Good

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Waterway has access to:

Neder-Rijn / Waal | Gelderland Netherlands

De Linge

a treasure between the huge rivers of Gelderland. Comfortable navigability starts at Geldermalsen, one crosses then lovely green surroundings, passed the villages of Aperen, Leerdam and Heukelum. At Gorinchem it flows into the Waal.