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River Vecht, a side river oft he IJssel used to be navigable until Haandrijk at Stieltjes-Kanaal. It flows after Barkum into Zwarte Water, which flows then into Zwarte Meer and therewith the IJsselmeer. At the town of Zwarte Water one has access over Meppeler Diep to Drenthse Hoofdvaart and Hoogeveensche and Verlengte Hoogeveensche Hoofdvaart.

Overijsselse Vecht / Zwarte Water / Meppeler Diep | Overijssel: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: Some experience is an advantage
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: old waterway, to be rediscovered
Profile of waterway: Commercial traffic and tourism
Facilities groundside: Sufficiant

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Waterway has access to:

Gelderse IJssel / Oude IJssel | Gelderland Netherlands
Hoogeveensche & Verlengde Hoogeveeensche vaart
Noord Willemskanaal | Drentse Hoofdvaart | Netherlands

Overijsselse Vecht

Overijsselse Vecht

Length: 182 km / lock dimensions: 35 x 5.00
Locks: 2
Depth: 1.00 / Head room: 4.90

The river, called Vechte in Germany, has its spring at Münsterland, Westfalen. It crosses Niedersachsen and gets to the Netherlands at Laar. Already in medieval times, the river was an important ship connection between Coevorden and Zwolle. A problem was then already that water level was too low in summer. The river was canalized in 1908 and therefore water level got even lower. Therefore, locks and weirs were built in 1920.
Today, river Vecht is navigable to the barrage at Junne.

Places along the Vecht: Dalfsen und Ommen

Zwarte Water

Zwarte Meer & Zwarte Water
Overijssel / Gelderland

Category of water: Va / 110 x 11.40
Waterkaart / waterway map: C / Noordwest – Overijssel
Length: 18 km / Depth: 3.00 / Head room: 5.50 m

Zwarte Water
Comes from east of Zwolle and turns around the town walls on both sides. It gets navigable immediately west of the town. From this place, at Franhuis, a short canal goes to the south and is a link to the IJssel. Zwarte Water flows northwards until Zwartsluis where it has access to Meppeler Diep and Drenthse Hoofdvaart.

At Zwartsluis, the rivers turns westward, past the town of Genemuiden and flows into Zwarte Meer, going into Kettelmeer later.
This waterway is very important. It connects Groningen and Friesland with the south of the country.
Heavy professional traffic doesn’t disturb leisure boater too much because there is enough room for everybody.

Meppeler Diep

Meppeler Diep
Drenthe & Gelderland

Category of water: 100 x 11.50
Waterkaar / waterway maps: A / Groningen & Drenthe // C / Overijssel & Noordwest

Meppeler Diep
is an important stretch for leisure boaters since it connects Groningen with the south of the Netherlands.
And, south of the town of Meppel, it assures access to Hoogeweensche Vaart with Zwarte Water.