Netherlands » Van Harinxma Kanaal & Kleiroute

Van Hanrinxma Kanaal starting at Prinses Margrietkanaal going over Leeuwarden and Franeker to Harlingen at the Ijsselmeer
Kleiroute, a detour to the north, starting at van Hanrinxma Kanaal to Leeuwarden to van Hanrinxmaa Kanaal at Franeker.

Van Harinxma Kanaal & Kleiroute: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 38 km
Number of locks: 3.30
Lock dimensions: 85.00 x 9.50
Degree of difficulty: Some experience is an advantage
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: no rating
Profile of waterway: Commercial traffic and tourism
Facilities groundside: Sufficiant

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Waterway has access to:

B | Frisian Waterways Northeast / Netherlands
Bolswarder Trekvaart | Trekvaart van Workum nar Bolsward | Frisia / Netherlands
Franeker vaart / Friesland | Netherlands
Ijsselmeer | Netherlands
Prinses Margriet Kanaal | Netherlands
Sneeker Trekvaart of Zwette | Netherlands

Van Harinxma Kanaal

Van Harinxma Kanaal
Fryslân / Friesland

Category of waters: IV  85 x 9.50 m
Waterkaart B / Friesland

Van Harinxmakanaal
Starts at Harlingen at Waddenzee and is going to Leeuwarden in the east, turns then southeast and meets at Fonejacht the Prinses Margrietkanaal (km 48). There is no headroom limitation on this waterway and its strongly used by commercial vessels.  

Places along van Harinxma Kanaal:
Harlingen / Franeker / Dronrijp / Leeuwarden


Dongjumer Vaart - Berlikumer Vaart - Menalduner Vaart

Waterkaart / waterway map: B / Friesland -Fryslân
Category of waterway: 0 / Freizeitschifffahrt
Length: 21 km / Headroom: 2.40 m / Depth: 1.25 m

Turns off Van Harinxmakanaal at km 22 to the north and comes in a huge bow back into the canal again at Franeker. It’s a nice, changeful trip which is put together by Dongjumer Vaart, Ried, Wijld, Berlikumer Vaart, Meladuner Vaart and Ballensvaart .

Places along the route:

Berlikum / Menaldum / Jachthafen Ried