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A very charming small river next to Amsterdam-Rijn-Kanaal from Wadenzee to Utrecht

Vecht / Naarder trekvaart / Hilversumskanaal | Netherlands: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 40 km
Number of locks: 2
Lock dimensions: 52.00 x 7.50
Max. depth: 1.50
Degree of difficulty: Some experience is an advantage
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: back to nature
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Good

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Waterway has access to:

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River Vecht, Muiden to Utrecht

Vecht, Rivier

Category of waterway: II / 52 x 7.50 - Utrecht: 0, Freizeitschifffahrt
Waterkaart / waterway map: I / Vechtplassen

Vecht, Rivier
a very beautiful river and together with the lakes of Spiegelpolder & Loosdrechte Plassen a huge marina. As from here one has perfect access to the waters of North and South Holland. The river has access to Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal over Vaartse Rijn at the town of Utrecht.

Places along the Waterway:
Weesp / Nigtevecht / Loenen / Vreeland / Breukelen / Maarssen

Muider trekvaart / Naarder trekvaart

Muider Trekvaart
Starts southeast of Amsterdam a Amsterdam-Rijn-Kanaal. It goes into the Vecht at Muiden and continues then, as Naarder Trekvaart, into the old, impressive fortified town of Naarden. 

Hilversums Kanaal

Hilversum Kanaal is 8 km long and turns off the Vecht to the north, passes Loosdrechtse Plassen into the town of Hilversum. The new, firm bridges only allow boats which are not more than 3.75 wide and not longer than 12 m.