Poland » Vistula (Wisla) River, from Gdansk to Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) | Poland

Main waterway from Bydgoszcz to Gdansk at the Baltic Sea

Vistula (Wisla) River, from Gdansk to Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) | Poland: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 177 km
Degree of difficulty: Demanding
Requirements: Boating license essential
Character of waterway: no rating
Profile of waterway: Main waterway
Facilities groundside: Not sufficiant

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Waterway has access to:

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Baltic Sea

1: Access lock of Gdansk
2: Access lock Gdanska Glowa
3: Access lock Nogat
4: Ferry Gniew
5: Ferry
6: Access lock Brda, Bydgosczc   

The lower Wisla
is from the connecting lock at Brda (Brahe) a commercial waterway. It is navigable without any problems except with floodwaters. One has to be aware though, that there is not a single wharf between Bromberg and
Danzig, not even at the fortified town of Graudenz (Grundziadz). If it has enough water, one has the possibility to navigate the small side river to the small town of Swietcie. Here, at least the swell could be omitted when anchoring.