The navigable waterways, rivers and canals of Russia

Belaja River | Russia Don River / Volga - Don Canal | Russia Kama River |  Russia Moskow Canal / Volga-Moskow-Canal / Moskwa River | Russia Newa / Svyr / Volga-Baltic States-Canal | Russia Oka River | Russia Saima Canal |  Russia Severnaja Dvina / Northern Dvina  | Russia Suchona River | Russia Sura River | Russia Tverca River | Russia Volga River | Russia V`atka / Wjatka River | Russia White Sea-Baltic Sea-Canal | Russia Wolkow River | Russia Wytschegda River | Russia
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Hardly anyone can imagine the infinite dimensions of regions east of the European part of Russia. But, comparing to those east of Ural, they are rather busy. Many of the waterways in the European part of the country are frozen for more than half of the year and it's surprising at first sight how much they are used by commercial vessels during the rest of the year; first of all because they are needed for the transport of wood and other resources of this area.
Leisure boating is taking place on the waterways around Moscow, Saint Petersburg and on River Volga. Navigating on the waterways of the country is for foreign skippers an uncertain thing since the law, regulating that only in Russia matriculated boats, are admitted, has still not been revised officially

waterway in Russia: Belaja River | Russia, Don River / Volga - Don Canal | Russia, Kama River | Russia, Moskow Canal / Volga-Moskow-Canal / Moskwa River | Russia, Newa / Svyr / Volga-Baltic States-Canal | Russia, Oka River | Russia, Saima Canal | Russia, Severnaja Dvina / Northern Dvina | Russia , Suchona River | Russia, Sura River | Russia, Tverca River | Russia, Volga River | Russia, V`atka / Wjatka River | Russia, White Sea-Baltic Sea-Canal | Russia, Wolkow River | Russia, Wytschegda River | Russia