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The southern link Moscow - River Volga; the gravel-pit waterway

Oka River | Russia: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: Demanding
Requirements: Boating license essential
Character of waterway: Waterway in reclusion, an adventure
Profile of waterway: Main waterway
Facilities groundside: Hardly existent

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Moskow Canal / Volga-Moskow-Canal / Moskwa River | Russia
Volga River | Russia

River Oka
is with a length of 1480 km the second in length of the Side Rivers of River Volga (behind River Kama). Its spring lies in central Russia, southeast of Moskow. At the town of Serpuchov, the river gets navigable. The trip down to the mouth into Moskwa at the town of Kolomna can take its time; the imposing pontoon bridges are only opened by demand. Freight traffic becomes busier after Kolomna (vessels bring gravel to Moscow), banks more shallow and River Oka is meandering in wide bows towards River Volga, meeting it at the town of Nschni Nowgorod / Nizhniy Novogorod.

It's also important on this river to have enough fuel on board; there are easily 150 - 200 km between communities. Navigation ends upstream at Serpuchov, the town is linked by a branch canal and has a small harbor. Next serious wharf can be found at Kolomna. The next port is 180 km further downstream at the branch canal to the town of Rjasan (Ryazan') and opposite the town of Kasinow is a small, protected inner harbor. There is a huge pontoon bridge at Murom, on demand; the central element is opened by a barge. There is also a small harbor for leisure and fishing boats. The next possible stop lies just in front of the ferry of Pavlovp and a bit further down at the town of Dserschinsk lies the last small harbor for leisure boats before River Oka flows into River Volga....