The navigable waterways, rivers and canals of Serbia
The big inland waterway area in the north of Serbia

Bega River &  Bega Canal | Serbia Danube | Serbia Danube-Tisza-Danube-Canal | Dunav-Tisa-Dunav-Kanal Mali Canal | Canal system south of DTD Sava River / Save | Serbia Tamis River | Serbia Tisza River / Tisa (Theiss) | Serbia
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The north of Serbia would have good conditions as an inland waterway area. One commonly thinks that the country is crossed by River Danube and this would be it.
One forgets about the underflow of River Tisza, River Bega and Bega Canal, the underflow of River Sava and especially the spread canal system Danube-Tisza-Danube, with hundreds of km of canals; an area to be discovered yet!

waterway in Serbia: Bega River & Bega Canal | Serbia, Danube | Serbia, Danube-Tisza-Danube-Canal | Dunav-Tisa-Dunav-Kanal, Mali Canal | Canal system south of DTD, Sava River / Save | Serbia, Tamis River | Serbia, Tisza River / Tisa (Theiss) | Serbia