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The underflow of River Tisza, coming from Hungary

Tisza River / Tisa (Theiss) | Serbia: Characteristics & Overview

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Degree of difficulty: Demanding
Requirements: no rating
Character of waterway: no rating
Profile of waterway: Commercial traffic and tourism
Facilities groundside: Sufficiant

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River Tisza
has its springs in Romania, the Carpathian Mountains. It flows first to the south and turns then to the west, forming partially the border to Ukraine. As from Tiscabecs it becomes for some kilometers Border River between Romania and Hungary. It turns then in Hungary to the north and meets again the border to Romania. 
At the border triangle of Slovenia / Hungary / Romania it turns again towards southwest. Having crossed the entire east of Hungary, the river crosses at Szegedin the border to Serbia. River Tisza is full of bows and bends and has therefore a length of 1308 km even though the direct distance between its spring and the mouth at River Danube is only 467 km.
River Tisza in Serbia

Immediately after the border one gets to the town of Kanzjia followed by Novi Knezevac and the next wharf follows at Senta. At the town of Ada is a small marina and in Becej one finds with some luck something like a wharf. Short after the town comes the connecting lock to DTD-Canal to the northwest. After Novi Becej is on the east the inflow of the southeastern stretch of Danube-Tisza-Canal. Over this, one has access to upper Begej and the Bega-Canal. The last bigger place before the mouth into Danube is Tegel but there is no possibility to stop anywhere. 
The mouth into River Danube lies opposite the town of Stari Lankamen, 23 km below Novi Sad. Because of the shallow, sandy banks one has normally no problems to stop somewhere.