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Germany has to share this lake with the Swiss and the Austrians even though, they call it lovingly "Schwäbisches Meer"

Swiss Lakes | Lake of Constance (Bodensee): Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Degree of difficulty: no rating
Requirements: Boating license essential
Character of waterway: back to nature, with urban surroundings
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Good

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Hochrhein | River Switzerland

Lake of Constance,

People of southern Germany call it lovingly “Swabian Sea”. But they have to share it with the Bavarians, the Austrian and the Swiss. It is the third in size of middle Europe after the lake of Balaton and the lake of Geneva. The most important feeder of the lake is the Rhine. It is 63 km long and up to 14 km wide while the maximum depth is 254 m. It has a capacity of 50 milliard m3 and is therefore the biggest water reservoir of Europe. 135 million m2 of water are taken out for water supply per year. More then 4 million habitants of Baden-Württemberg have their drinking water from the lake, up to the far north of Stuttgart. This seems to be a lot but it’s less than the amount evaporating during the year….

Wine and Dine
The canton of Thurgau on the Swiss side of the lake is very well known for its excellent cider products. As far as wine is concerned; 95% is Pinot noir and Riesling x Sylvaner, the rest Pinot gris and Gewürztraminer.
Fish specialties are being served in most of the Restaurants.


Stein am Rhein / Steckborn / Ermattingen / Gottlieben / Kreuzlingen / Romanshorn / Arbon / Rorschach

Wassersportrevier Bodensee.