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Starts in the center of Zurich and ends in the foothills of the Alps..

Lake of Zurich / Zürichsee | Switzerland: Characteristics & Overview

Rating of waterway

Length of waterway: 42 km
Degree of difficulty: Demanding
Requirements: Boating license essential
Character of waterway: with urban surroundings, for sporty people
Profile of waterway: Used by tourists only
Facilities groundside: Good

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Waterway has access to:

Limmat | River ofSwitzerland
Walensee & Linthkanal | Lakes and Canals of Switzerland

Lake of Zurich, the "Riviera" for the people of Zurich.
It has a length of 42 km and a maximum width of 3.85 km and depth of 143 m. Even though the lake is very heavily used, its water has still the quality of drinking water! The main tributary is the river Linth, which, since the building of the Linthkanal, passes through the Walensee first. Leaving the lake, it becomes the river Limmat.
The lake is surrounded by the cantons of Zurich, Schwyz and St. Gallen. On summer weekends the lake is almost crowded; a bit over 10% of the 107’000 matriculated boats and ships of Switzerland lay on or beside the lake of Zurich.

Places along the Lake:
Zürich / Zollikon / Küsnacht / Herrliberg / Meilen / Männedorf / Stäfa / Uerikon / Rapperswil / Schmerikon / Nuolen / Lachen / Altendorf / Wollerau / Richterswil / Wädenswil / Horgen / Oberrieden / Thalwil / Rüschlikon / Wollishofen

is with a length of 6 km and a width of 1.6 km the second lake in size in the canton of Zurich. It is a very popular place for excursions in the urban agglomeration northeast of Zurich.

The Shipping association of Greifensee 
has its own fleet of 4 ships. The newest of 2006 is MS David Herrliberg. The oldest steamship of Switzerland; the “Greif” also belongs to them.

 By restoring the original steam-engine, Greif is now in the condition of 1895. The second “maiden voyage” took place on 3./4. of September 1988. The steamship belongs to a trust, taking care of operating it. Leasing is managed by the Shipping Association Greifensee.
The steamship Greif offers seats for 22 passengers and is adequate for aperitif only. It has no sanitary installations.

It might be impudent to call a puddle with just a length of 1.6 km and a width of 500 m a lake...
Its popularity might have to do with the fact that people of the city of Zurich get the impression to be in a mountain valley, once they have left behind Buchegg and Albis-Pass. Looking at it this way, Türlersee is logically a mountain lake!